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Compton is a Licensed AIA CES Provider

Provider #40103324

Compton Associates offers Continuing Educational Information


Because of his externsive research and civic involvement focusing on proper concrete foundation design, Architect RTom Compton has developed a CEU course focused specifically on ASHRAE & IECC Building and Energy code standards for concrete foundation & slab edge insulation (SEI).  These areas of the buildings thermal envelope are critical in the design and construction of a complete building envelope.


Most often installed incorrectly and eneffectively or completely overlooked, the DOE funded a major research study performecd by The Davis Energy Group.  The Title of  the study on concrete and slab edge insulation was titled:  "The Last Big Leak: Exposed Slab Edges".


This is FLIR photography of a typical uninsualted Slab Edge.  The bright line indicates major energy loss and a resulting "cold" slab inside the building.

This is FLIR photography of  a bulding that has properly insulated the Slab Edge.  The building envelope is completed with heat loss limited and improved interior comfort.

FLIR photography of  a building without slab edge insulation, (left) and a building with properly installed slab edge, (right)

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