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EnergyEdge, LLC

EnergyEdge, now installed in over 35 states, is an insulated concrete edge form design and patented by RTom Compton.  This simple solution meets ICC code requirements for concrete edge insulation improving comfort and saving energy.  Specify EnergyEdge to save!

Emergency & Immediate Housing Concept

RTom Compton was a member and designated designer of a manufacturing consortium involved with an international group focused on providing mass housing soltuions in several areas of the middle east.  This is a brief PowerPoint which provides an overview of the concepts for the proposed project.

Standards for Foundation

Authored by RTom Compton, with input from many industry professionals, this "destktop reference" to foundation construction provides a detailed summary of foundation types, insulation standards and enviromental conditions that impact  performance.  

Other Focused Studies and Areas Of Interest

RTom Compton is focused on innovation and entrepreneurship. There are numerous projects and products primarily focused on improvements to building conditions, efficiencies and living environment advancments.  Many of these solutions are well developed and seeking the final organization of business and finance to begin implementation.